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The New IoT Math: 1 + 1 + 3 — Jawbone UP24 now controls Nest thermostat

A chance conversation about the IoT the other day turned me on to this elegant proof-of-concept that what I call “Smart Aging” to help seniors be healthier and avoid institutionalization is possible: my Jawbone UP bracelet could now control my Nest¬†thermostat (if I had one: with three heating zones in my house, I’m gonna wait […]

Seniors and the Internet of Things: Empowerment and Security Through Smart Aging

I was quoted extensively¬†in a Sunday Boston Globe feature on the IoT. It was in a special section aimed at seniors, and I’d been really passionate with the reporter about the IoT’s potential to transform seniors’ lives through new products such as bedroom slippers with sensors that can detect minute variations in a senior’s gait […]

Predicting Health Outcomes With Machine Learning

Eric Horvitz, MD, PhD co-director, Microsoft Research

from data to predictive models to decision-making
costly challenge of re-admissions: they worked with Washington Medical Center, which had been accumulating lots of data on ER visits. Built a predictive model of readmissions: identified relevant evidence out of 25,000 indicators: if “fluid” is in the record, that’s an indicator the […]

Live Blogging from Connected Health Symposium

Tech4Life “Maternal Wristband”

remote monitoring of blood glucose, hemoglobin & blood pressure of pregnant women in developing world
like wristwatch
can foresee other applications

I was impressed with all of these devices, but especially with the congestive heart failure ones: economical ways to reduce hospitalization for this condition!

Live blogging from Connected Health Symposium

oops: didn’t get name of this presenter: it’s clothing with built-in sensors

takes photo of “stress events”
live ECG
team of smart textile experts from MIT

Nicoya Lifesciences

“personal health and wellness monitoring for digital age”
congestive heart failure patients must weigh selves daily
$20 billion for CHF, 60% could be avoided
Nicoya Heart Doc — measure BNP levels, then modify meds or […]">Stephenson blogs on Internet of Things Internet of Things strategy, breakthroughs and management