Voice-overs by W. David Stephenson — voice of authority

When you’re looking for a voice of authority for your tech-based product, doesn’t it make sense to choose a talent who is himself a recognized tech authority — who knows your subject and its importance?

W. David Stephenson -- voice of authority

W. David Stephenson — voice of authority

W. David Stephenson of Stephenson Voice-Overs is just who you’re looking for.  He has 20 years of cutting-edge experience as a consultant, writer and theorist on subjects ranging from the Internet of Things to big data to mobile strategy.  Stephenson brings you the voice of authority: with gravitas, warmth, sincerity — and humor where warranted!

Stephenson is a proud participant in the VocalID project: he recorded 3,425 sentences — 7 hours in total — of his voice that will be sliced and diced using the algorithm used for Alexa to create a natural-sounding voice for someone who has lost the ability to speak.

A passionate history buff, Stephenson’s also ideal if you need a talent to narrate a documentary: he brings the listener into the scene, with a “you are there” ability to evoke the spirit of an era.  As a published author, he brings a special degree of understanding and passion to audio books, especially on business management, strategy, and technology.

And, Stephenson is ideal for commercials where you need to convey an air of authority and dignity and to assure your audience.

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