Live-Blogging From #LiveWorx!

Posted on 10th June 2019 in Uncategorized

I’m back at PTC’s annual LiveWorx lollapalooza, gathering ideas for my Industry Week column, starting with a presentation by Dell’s Supply Chain Director, Gentry Pate on how the IoT is transforming their global service parts planning:

  • real-time connectivity between their vendors & Dell
  • autonomous planning capabilties incorporating predictive modeling
  • real-time alerts, inventory & delivery time
  • Smart Warehouse using latest robotics
  • Digital Repair

Requires changes in people’s roles, processes & tech. Evaluated their existing process & switched to new roles. Also have to deal with fast-changing tariff and other issues. Worked with PTC to create a simplified execution structure through online collaboration, exception-based engagement, and single source of communication.

Also automated purchase orders, do machine learning for network replenishment, intermittent forecast model improvements.

Most orders now automated using SPM. Now place most POs every 6 weeks, vs. 2 weeks. He outlined their entire complex autonomous planning journey.

Added “Control Center Intelligence” that’s proactive, uses visualization, diagnostic, predictive, simulations.

He concluded by discussing Dell’s future organization skill sets.

More Monday afternoon content….

Pushing the Service Envelope With Predictive Analytics

Digital transformation of service:

  • reduce unscheduled downtime
  • provides signal of impending part failure to user to reduce equipment downtime

Microsoft describes their cloud/edge collaboration with PTC — just the topic of my most recent Industry Week column! OMG: talked about new autonomous cloud capsule that Microsoft is mooring in the ocean — bringing the cloud to where the people are!

Microsoft marine cloud capsule: cloud in the water!

Common IoT Commercialization Errors

Two top errors picked by the audience in a poll were projects that are slow-paced, when speed and agility are needed, and weak use cases (i.e., “they are too ambiguous about the value for the user.”)

For example, Kodak was there early with digital photography, but didn’t move quickly. Need to have quick feedback: that’s where my “circular company” concept and my “Essential Truth” about replacing liner processes with cyclical ones comes in!

Case Study: How Caterpillar Develops Compelling IIoT Apps

Remote Asset Monitoring of remote generators. Promotes peace of mind for customers. Started this in 1991! Based on realization that one-size-doesn’t-fit-all with connected devices. They use a hybrid Waterfall/Sprint project style.

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