about Stephenson Strategies

Stephenson Strategies is a strategic consulting firm, concentrating on services regarding the Internet of Things. Its services are based on the writings and speeches of firm principal W. David Stephenson, an acknowledged global IoT thought leader, and concentrate on the management challenges the IoT presents.

They include:

  • lecturing and presenting seminars for corporate management and staff on the Internet of Things, with special emphasis on strategic planning and how to implement incremental approaches that first optimize existing processes and products, then focus on more radical change.
  • advising venture capital firms and investors on IoT opportunities.
  • counseling companies on new products and services to capitalize on aspects of the Internet of Things, such as leasing of products instead of selling them (with the actual price determined dynamically based on real-time usage data) or of predictive analytics to optimize efficiency.
  • advising senior management on the management changes required to capitalize on opportunities presented by the Internet of Things, such as providing access to real-time data to all employees who need it to perform their jobs more efficiently and improve decision-making, or breaking down traditional “silos” separating departments that now can use real-time data to collaborate and streamline operations.
  • working with supply chain partners and customers to streamline operations based on sharing real-time operating data through XBRL GL and the Internet of Things.


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