Lifesaving, simple device in India

Posted on 19th September 2012 in Uncategorized

Now handheld devices are actually saving lives.

CNN carried a fascinating story of a handheld device developed by a team of Indians (the lead, Myshkin Ingawale, was educated at #IoT hotbed MIT.  Watch his TED Talk.) that is quickly and cheaply diagnosing anemia, which kills as many as a million or more children and pregnant women if untreated.

The problem is that the traditional device to diagnose anemia is big and costs more than $10,000, making it impractical for use by village health workers in impoverished Indian villages.

They created a simple device, the ToucHb, that slips over a finger and emits three wavelengths of light. By reading how much of the light goes through the finger, how much scatters and how much is absorbed, the village health worker can determine how much hemoglobin is in the blood, and whether the person is anemic.


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I’m back!

Posted on 7th September 2012 in Internet of Things, Uncategorized

My old blog quickly fell by the wayside when I became Twitter user #262 six years ago, and while I made half-hearted efforts to revive it, there was just too much relating to my prior life (which I still sustain as a sideline) as a homeland security strategist for it to work anymore.

Thus I took a deep breath and deep-sixed the entire site (I will eventually add some of my articles and presentations dealing with homeland security to this site, mainly for historical interest), and today I’m starting over.

Bear with me: I still tend to think in 140-characters, but will try to make this a lively site for those who are interested in my new passion — the Internet of Things — the general area of data liberation that I pursued my my book, Data Dynamite: how liberating information will transform our world; and random bits of miscellany, from recipes to biomimicry, that catch my eye.

Glad to be back!

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