Can’t believe I missed SmartThings: another killer #IoT app

Posted on 20th October 2012 in Internet of Things

Hard to compare two Internet of Things companies that are still in start-up mode, but I’m even more impressed with SmartThings than I was with Ube.

It just won the Dublin Web Summit start-up competition and its Kickstarter campaign was wildly over-subscribed, totaling $1.2 million, compared to a $250,000 goal.

SmartThingsAccording to Mashable, SmartThings will enable remote control of just about everything in the home:

“The wireless, smartphone-connected system makes the fully automated home a reality. Home dwellers can connect any lock, thermostat, light and kitchen appliance to the Internet. Everyday objects can become fully automated with a range of motion, moisture, open/close and presence sensors.

Using a SmartThings app, patrons will be able to monitor who’s home, what’s on and what’s off. Connect your pet’s collar to the smart hub, and it will alert you when Scruffy gets out of the backyard. Get a text when the dog’s food bowl is empty. Or even remotely monitor an elderly relative in another state by tracking their activity around the house.”

Best of all, like a number of competing smart home apps, SmartThings will be open platform, and has created an active community site for other developers to share device & app designs.

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