Furious About the Government Shutdown!

Posted on 30th September 2013 in Uncategorized

I try to keep this blog focused on the Internet of Things and related topics such as big data, but I will deviate on occasion (look for at least one post in the next month about the World Champions to Be, AKA the Boston Red Sox!), and this is one of them!

For months, I’ve been looking forward to moderating a panel at the international M2M and IoT Summit, to be held tomorrow and Wednesday at the National Press Club in Washington.

As of now, one of the panelists is Mark Eichorn, Assistant Director, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, Bureau of Consumer Protection, at the Federal Trade Commission (the only US agency that’s demonstrated interest in the IoT).

BUT THAT MAY NOT HAPPEN! You see, if the ignoramuses (let me be blunt about it) who make up the 40 or so (out of 435: you do the math — does that constitute a majority???) “Tea Party” types in the House of Representatives don’t suddenly change their ways, the federal government will shut down at 12:01 AM tomorrow, and Mr. Eichorn and the other federal representatives who were supposed to participate in the conference or attend it, won’t be allow to!

I happen to think federal workers are great such as Mr. Eichorn are great: they work long hours, come in for a fair amount of abuse, and have already suffered financial losses because of the equally stupid sequester.

If you agree, please call Speaker Boehner’s Office, 202 225-0600, and tell him what you think about his spineless leadership.

OK, got that off my chest…

PS: Oh, the cause of all this stupidity? The Affordable Care Act, modeled on our own Massachusetts health reform law, signed by a Republican governor in 2006, and acknowledged by all as a success. It works. Get over it. Give me a break!

PSS: The Tea Party? Latest poll shows public support for them has shrunken to near all-time low!

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