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If This, Then That (IFTTT): essential crowdsourcing component to speed IoT development

I’ve been meaning to write about IFTTT (If This, Then That, pronounced like “gift,” but minus the g) for a long time, because I see it as a crucial, if perhaps underappreciated, component to spread the IoT more rapidly and increase its versatility — by democratizing the IoT.
That’s because this cool site embraces one of […]

My speech on how the Internet of Things will aid Predictive Analytics

I spoke yesterday at the Predictive Analytics Manufacturing conference in Chicago, about a theme I first raised in the O’Reilly SOLID blog, about how the Internet of Things could bring about an “era of precision manufacturing.”
I argued that, as powerful as Predictive Analytics tools have been in analyzing manufacturing data and improving forecasting, their effectiveness […]


The Internet of Things: filling the Predictive Analytics data void
Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing Chicago 2014
June 18, 20118
by W. David Stephenson
I want to congratulate you on an amazing job with implementing Predictive Analytics.
As the presentations during this conference have demonstrated, a combination of P.A. software and your insightful analysis has helped companies build smarter supply chains, […]

My O’Reilly blog post about how the IoT will transform manufacturing

Woopiedoo! I have a post in today’s O’Reilly SOLID blog (which is, among other things, promoting their SOLID conference in SF next month) about how the Internet of Things will transform manufacturing.
In it, I emphasized the manufacturing variation on the two transformative aspects of the IoT that I think will characterize its effect on every […]

IoT Essential Truths: Coordination

Just as I’ve written repeatedly about one of the “Essential Truths” of the Internet of Things is that we have to learn how to collaborate, there’s another “co- word” that’s crucial to realize its full potential: coordinate!
That’s brought to mind by news from this week’s Internet of Things World Forum in Barcelona, where SAP (full […]

Fewer, faster, finer: good values for #IoT innovators!

Just had a great conversation with a brilliant consultant, Michael Woody, the president and founder of International Marketing Advantages, Inc (he and I have the same wonderful literary agent, Michael Snell).
Woody helps small, innovative companies successfully compete with China, using a simple formula: fewer, faster, finer.

Fewer: think of China’s Foxcom, and its huge factory complexes […]

My presentation tonight on human communication and the IoT

I just uploaded my presentation to tonight’s Boston/New England IoT Meetup, which will be held in Providence beginning at 5:30.
I’ll be speaking about what’s often overlooked in the introduction of exciting new technologies — and the IoT is no exception: the human communication possibilities and challenges that it introduces.
In the case of the IoT, all […]

GE gets it about #IoT: collaboration will be critical attitude

I had a fascinating phone interview this week with Christina, “CK” Kerley, a brilliant marketing consultant who’s increasingly moving into the Internet of Things arena. I strongly suggest that you check out her videos.
She was most interested in my comments about the management implications of the IoT. I told her that a lot of companies […]

Cisco projects $14.4 trillion future for IoT

I’ve been delinquent about posting my take on Cisco’s recent release of a white paper in which they predicted a $14.4 trillion in what they term “Value at Stake,” (a combination of increased revenues and decreased costs for companies embracing [or lost by companies that don’t embrace it) what they call the “Internet of Everything” […]

New study predicts rosy future for #IoT

A study released today says that more companies are making #IoT solutions a near-term priority.    The report by Forrester Consulting, “Building Value from Visibility: 2012 Enterprise Internet of Things Adoption Outlook,”  was commissioned by Zebra Technologies Corporation, which makes marking and printing technologies, including RFID and real-time location solutions.
According to Forrester, among those companies surveyed, 53% […]">Stephenson blogs on Internet of Things Internet of Things strategy, breakthroughs and management