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My speech on how the Internet of Things will aid Predictive Analytics

I spoke yesterday at the Predictive Analytics Manufacturing conference in Chicago, about a theme I first raised in the O’Reilly SOLID blog, about how the Internet of Things could bring about an “era of precision manufacturing.”
I argued that, as powerful as Predictive Analytics tools have been in analyzing manufacturing data and improving forecasting, their effectiveness […]


The Internet of Things: filling the Predictive Analytics data void
Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing Chicago 2014
June 18, 20118
by W. David Stephenson
I want to congratulate you on an amazing job with implementing Predictive Analytics.
As the presentations during this conference have demonstrated, a combination of P.A. software and your insightful analysis has helped companies build smarter supply chains, […]

My O’Reilly blog post about how the IoT will transform manufacturing

Woopiedoo! I have a post in today’s O’Reilly SOLID blog (which is, among other things, promoting their SOLID conference in SF next month) about how the Internet of Things will transform manufacturing.
In it, I emphasized the manufacturing variation on the two transformative aspects of the IoT that I think will characterize its effect on every […]

IoT Essential Truths: Coordination

Just as I’ve written repeatedly about one of the “Essential Truths” of the Internet of Things is that we have to learn how to collaborate, there’s another “co- word” that’s crucial to realize its full potential: coordinate!
That’s brought to mind by news from this week’s Internet of Things World Forum in Barcelona, where SAP (full […]

Fewer, faster, finer: good values for #IoT innovators!

Just had a great conversation with a brilliant consultant, Michael Woody, the president and founder of International Marketing Advantages, Inc (he and I have the same wonderful literary agent, Michael Snell).
Woody helps small, innovative companies successfully compete with China, using a simple formula: fewer, faster, finer.

Fewer: think of China’s Foxcom, and its huge factory complexes […]

My presentation tonight on human communication and the IoT

I just uploaded my presentation to tonight’s Boston/New England IoT Meetup, which will be held in Providence beginning at 5:30.
I’ll be speaking about what’s often overlooked in the introduction of exciting new technologies — and the IoT is no exception: the human communication possibilities and challenges that it introduces.
In the case of the IoT, all […]

GE gets it about #IoT: collaboration will be critical attitude

I had a fascinating phone interview this week with Christina, “CK” Kerley, a brilliant marketing consultant who’s increasingly moving into the Internet of Things arena. I strongly suggest that you check out her videos.
She was most interested in my comments about the management implications of the IoT. I told her that a lot of companies […]

Cisco projects $14.4 trillion future for IoT

I’ve been delinquent about posting my take on Cisco’s recent release of a white paper in which they predicted a $14.4 trillion in what they term “Value at Stake,” (a combination of increased revenues and decreased costs for companies embracing [or lost by companies that don’t embrace it) what they call the “Internet of Everything” […]

New study predicts rosy future for #IoT

A study released today says that more companies are making #IoT solutions a near-term priority.    The report by Forrester Consulting, “Building Value from Visibility: 2012 Enterprise Internet of Things Adoption Outlook,”  was commissioned by Zebra Technologies Corporation, which makes marking and printing technologies, including RFID and real-time location solutions.
According to Forrester, among those companies surveyed, 53% […]

Internet of Things op-ed in Industry Week

I recently published the following op-ed in Industry Week, the bible of manufacturing, taking the U.S. government to task for ignoring the tremendous potential of the Internet of Things, especially in light of the Chinese government’s massive support for the #IoT. Please feel free to pass it on, especially to elected officials:
The Internet of Things: […]