HAPIfork: simple IoT innovation with big implications!

Posted on 14th January 2013 in Internet of Things

Examining the breadcrumbs left after CES:

One of the Internet of Things devices unveiled at CES that got a lot of attention — much of it silly, IMHO — was the HAPIfork, from HAPILABS. Never mind that the device is still somewhat primitive: you have to connect it to your computer’s USB port to upload statistics — a Bluetooth version won’t be out until later this year.



It still has a serious intent: measuring the length of time between your bites, and vibrating if you shovel the food in too quickly.  I’ve seen how effective this technique can be for weight control. We have a family friend who lived with us for most of a year, and he was the most deliberate eater I’ve ever met: he took plenty of time between bites and thoroughly chewed every piece of food. Bottom line? One of the most wiry bodies I’ve ever seen!


With obesity a major problem, the HAPIfork might make a real contribution to making us all more conscious, conscientious eaters, and that would be no small contribution to reducing obesity.

So let Mr. Colbert laugh: I think the HAPIfork will soon have a place in smart people’s silverware drawer!



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