10 products that might make difference

Posted on 25th October 2012 in Internet of Things

liveblogging @ Partners Healthcare  Center for Connected Health. Demos of 10 new technologies:

*Honeywell Genesis Touch — reduced hospital re-admissions by 70%

*Vignet cancer prevention and control. Created “Cancer Concierge” for state of VA. System generates in real time list of appropriate screenings, then books appointments in real-time. Reminders on smartphone.

*CliniCam: iOS app. to capture and store clinical images. Several security features.

*Anybots: cloud-based robotics platform. Mobile device.  QB, the Grady Bot. Quite cool! Being used with patients who can’t control any body parts, providing virtual mobility.

*Symple: consumer app for iOS. Records symptoms daily. Has photo attachments. Graphs symptoms over time. Created by a patient with auto-immune disease. Thousands of users with no promotion.

*Ubitru: “next generation mobile messaging system”  Kewl interactive txt demo.

*Podimetrics: predicts foot ulcers in diabetics. Sensors embedded in a bathroom floormat. VERY KEWL!

*Healthrageous: personalized health management company. Emphasis on people as consumers, not patients. Based on tech developed @ Partners Health Care. Measure objective health outcome changes. Works through a variety of modalities. Can work with chronic conditions. Available on mobile devices.

*Irody: new way to get directevidence about each medicine taken by patients. Smartphone can recognize various meds, photographs the meds, identifies each, explains mistakes to the patient.

*Mad*Pow: “Hot Seat” tool to reduce “marathon sitting” and its health risks. Sends prompts to smartphones to get them to turn short breaks into meaningful activities.


My fav from an #IoT perspective? Podimetrics’ bathroom mat!



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