Near-Field Communication in healthcare

Posted on 25th October 2012 in Internet of Things

Liveblogging @ Partners’ Center for Connected Health Symposium.

Panel on possible impact of Near-Field Communications for health care.

*BTW: why won’t Apple say whether they’re using NFC???

*areas it might affect include: identity, HIPAA compliance, cloud access to records, forms, insurance and copay, data integration, payment, and scripts.

*Objective Compliance Therapy Management (did I get that right?):  happening in Europe: objective data collection on behavior, health, and therapy. Also can be used for prescriptions, schedules and diets.

*in Netherlands, used by home health workers to unlock doors, get access to patient’s records.

*mobile payments both blessing & curse (because all of components mustwork together).

*wide variety of obstacles to rapid deployment.

*NFC most valuable when mashed up with other technologies. Uses example of Bump (which isn’t NFC) as indication of how it might work.

*app ideas: tap to do something — to pair two NFC-enabled devices; tap to share: share video, medical records, health wallets; tap to access.

*example of person who earns a discount on a croissant by meeting certain gym objectives.

*clinically: simplifying referral process. Would allow you to quickly process referral, tap to check in with specialist.



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