Nest 2.0: kewl thermostat gets even more kewl

Posted on 2nd October 2012 in Internet of Things

Nest has announced version 2.0 of its Internet of Things thermostat, and this beautiful device just got more beautiful.

If you haven’t seen the Nest before, it’s the first #IoT

Connectors for the Nest 2.0 thermostat

product from former Apple designer Tony Fadell. The thermostat observes your family’s house-use behavior through its sensor, and then programs itself  — pretty astounding, and perhaps the first #IoT product for the home to really have pizzazz.

Version 1.0 was pretty amazing, but the new one tops it. The cover is narrower and more streamlined, but what really caught my eye was the guts of the product when you take the cover off. I’ve just been replacing all of the electric outlets and switches in our house as part of renovations (when will it ever end?…) and was blown away by the elegance of the connectors for the thermostat’s wires. Fadell must have been listening when Steve Jobs talked about building a fence with his father, who put as much attention on the back of the fence as on the front, explaining that even if no one else noticed it, he’d know it was done right.

Nice job!

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