Ube: #IoT for smartphones. The killer #IoT app???

Posted on 5th October 2012 in Internet of Things

Ube, a new home automation system for smartphones, has launched with a bang, winning the Demo 2012 competition. This really may be the home automation system that makes the #IoT a household reality!

Oh yeah, did I mention the app is free?

According to co-founder Glen Burchers, “’We control home electronics that connect to the Internet..This includes your smart TV, set top box, media player, thermostat, and even garage door opener all from within one free app. We manage this control intuitively with a gesture interface.’”

“Routed through your home network or through Ube’s Cloud when remote, users will be able to control their Smart TV and set-top boxes using the Ube app right off the bat when it launches early next month. The company says its app will work with over 200 IP-based devices like AV receivers, thermostats (watch out, Nest!), garage doors, etc.”

They are also working on three pieces of hardware to extend the system’s power: a smart dimmer, outlet and plug.

Ube devices


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