#IoT-enhanced hard cider

Posted on 3rd October 2012 in Internet of Things

Just as I wrote about Ninja Blocks, here’s a new bottle cap that makes the Internet of Things fun (or, as Fast Company calls it, the alcohol-based internet of things, which should make it a lot of fun!).

London-based creative agency Work Club created the bottle cab for Heineken’s Strongbow Gold Cider. The “StartCap” includes an RFID tag. When you flip the top it triggers a range of actions:  “anything from automatically checking you into Foursquare to activating a spotlight or firing a glitter cannon.”

That reminds me of the Budweiser taps that light up when the Red Sox score. Guess we know where that one went this season, groan….

The StartCap and its ilk aren’t the most consequential, life-altering examples of the Internet of Things, but they do illustrate how pervasive it can become, and how companies will be able to alter their products to create a real relationship with the consumer.  As World Club Joint Creative Partner (how’s that for a title?) Ben Mooge told Fast Company, “‘Technology allows you to bring product, customer, and brand much closer together.'”


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