Now for Something Completely Different: launching my 2nd career, in voice-overs!

Posted on 16th May 2014 in voice-overs

Ever since I acted with arch-spy Aldrich Ames (how’s that for a piece of trivia?) in the McLean High production of Richard III when I was in 8th grade (people couldn’t believe such a big resonant voice was coming from such a pipsqueak!), people have complimented me on my speaking voice.

More recently, my wife and others have told me I really should do voice-overs, so I broke down and got some great training from Jordan Rich of Chart Productions, and today I’m officially launching my second career, as a voice-over artist.

As these samples will hopefully demonstrate, my forte is scripts where you need a real voice of authority: deep, resonant, and re-assuring. In particular, given my reputation as a leading thinker in technology issues such as the Internet of Things, open data, and mobile strategy, I’m ideal for technology promotions where it’s important to have someone who can not only read the words, but understands the concepts.




I’m also a passionate history buff, so I’d be ideal to voice your documentary: with authority and a tone that makes the past come alive.

And let’s not forget commercials: I can bring humor and a twinkle in my voice to your ad.

If you know a producer or director, I’d appreciate it if you’d pass the word! I’m open and ready to do business!


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