10 demos of products that could make a difference

Posted on 26th October 2012 in Internet of Things

(Liveblogging from Center for Connected Health Symposium) Another panel of #IoT and other new devices that could be game-changers:

*MedMinder: to empower seniors & those with chronic conditions to avoid hospitalization. Another startup to increase medication compliance: they have increased compliance to 92% — watch out, Vitality, Inc. — they add sensors to a traditional pill holder. User gets a flash from the container, then sound alert, then phone call. Also has email and txt. New version only allows you to unlock the right compartment @ right time. Seems to me problem with this is that you have to keep the pill holder @ hand, vs. the Vitality nightlight.

*Sotera wireless: improving patient care through continuous vital signs monitoring. Early recognition system so that patient won’t have to be re-admitted.  Sotera ViSi Mobile: patient worn monitor monitors a wide range of vital signs. Will have first installations in 3 weeks. Wi-Fit enabled. Has an open API.

*BodyMedia : “to unlock and decipher body’s secrets.”  New BodyMedia patch, the Vue, instead of arm band.  Using it in weight management. Disposable.

*vitalconnect: develops small, body-worn sensor patch. Communicates through Bluetooth, to smartphone and cloud. Configurable notifications to caregivers or family. Looks very kewl.

*NeuMitra: ” solving  stress for life, work, and play.”  Biowatches send smart alerts to smartphone alerting you to need to do stress reduction.  Bandu band. Demonstrated it at the Pentagon. Real-time reporting. Can merge with GPS for “stress maps.”  Links with apps you already have on phone for stress reduction. Using with vets suffering from PTSD.

*BAM Labs — smart bed technology. People don’t want to have something strapped to them as they sleep, and there are so many kinds of beds. Their goal is to have EVERY bed be a smart bed. Think it’s ideal platform to collect health data. Would get a million data points from an individual bed yearly. Takes about 5 min. to install, under mattress. Data to  the cloud, nothing attached to person.

*Hometeam Therapy: “stronger, better, faster, funner” for PT. What about the days when you aren’t with the PT?  Written directions don’t make it (believe me, and my wife is a PT). Lets you compare results to others, reports to the therapist. App for use with Kinect.  Very kewl. Shows instructional video.

*TomorrowOptions: Movinsense for repositioning bed-ridden patients. Detects falls.

*Sensiotec — Virtual Medical Assistant.  Doesn’t require contact: signals reflect off vital organs, ultra-low cost, scalable in hospital. ZigBee/IP gateway.


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