Building a connected health ecosystem

Posted on 26th October 2012 in Uncategorized

(Liveblogging from Center for Connected Health Symposium)

*Halle Tecco, Rock Health non-profit @ intersection of health & technology, incubator.

*Amir Nashat, Polaris Ventures, 20-30% of investments in health care area

*Naomi Fried, in charge of encouraging innovation @ Boston Children’s. Working on telehealth

*Michael Balmouth, Edison Ventures. Looking for revenue-producing companies.

*Halle — they’ve physically located startups right in midst of Longwood Medical Area.

*Amir: Boston-based medical startups tend to focus on systems improvements, while the SF ones tend to think of medical establishment as problem, go directly to medical consumer.

*European Connected Health program is bringing in all players, emphasizing need for “global health” that encourages collaboration.


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