Optimizing care & ensuring “human touch” through robotics

Posted on 26th October 2012 in health, Internet of Things

(Liveblogging the Partners Center for Connected Health Symposium)

*GeriJoy virtual pet through a tablet. The patient cares for “Buddy,” avatar which helps deter dementia, “Buddy” is compassionate. Can actually provide human contact 24/7 through the avatar.

*Tom Ryden, co-founder of Vgo Communications, formerly @ iRobot. ¬†Telepresence robot: “Skype on wheels.” In health care, use to replicate old-fashioned home visit. Pilot study with Boston Children’s. Kids became more engaged in their care ¬†(like Jerry the diabetic Bear). People become attached to it, realize it represents the doctor. Kids will name it, dress it, tell them how school day went.

Timothy Bickmore, assoc. prof. @ Northeastern,. they try to use an avatar as part of tele-med project to promote habit change. “Project RAISE” — targets UV exposure and sedentary behavior. Simulates human-to-human exchanges to encourage behavior change.


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