Demos of Connected Health Devices

Posted on 25th October 2013 in health

more cool devices!

  • Authenidate:
    • telehealth platform
    • for smartphone
    • for a variety of conditionautomatically takes vital signs
    • on-screen educational videoeasily spot trending conditions
  • Vtrim: obesity treatment
    • 12-20 on line classes
    • high-touch program
    • goals-setting
    • food & exercise journals — daily feedback from dieticians
    • online meetings are text-based
      • more than 3000 have taken it
  • Vocera Care Experience
    • CDC says 90% can’t remember the care instructions after an encounter
    • they record discharge instructions
    • patient can listen, watch video, have link to hospital website
    • called “Good to Go”
  • ClotFree
    • system to make Coumadin twice as effective
    • dialogue with clinician
    • patients in range 81% ¬†of time
  • Omada health
    • aimed at reducing pre-diabetes
    • CDC rolling out a prevention program
    • They wanted to do a digital solution
    • digital scale, online education, then a maintenance program. Group based.
    • weekly packages
  • Affinity Networks
    • IntelliCare

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