WOW! Frank Moss, Atelion Health

Posted on 24th October 2013 in health

Great Frank Moss, former director of the Media Lab!  Says health care system has always undervalued role of patient in health care. Tells stories of 4  Media Lab alums who have created great new innovations:

  • Anmol Madan, — “big data, better health”  — can determine if someone will be sick based on analysis of their communication. People trying to care for their own diabetes increase their communications by 30% — applying to mental health as well!
  • Ian Eslick — thought he could do better job managing his psoriasis. “Personal” — ran clinical trials for a variety of conditions. Mother of a child with CF used system to better understand condition
  • Vitor Pamplona — “EyeNetra” Developed $2 clipon for a smart phone that allows a person to do their own eye exam.
  • John Moore, “Collaborhythm” — empowers patients to become partners in their health care. Health coach works with patients to deal with their chronic conditions.

“Given great tools and social support, ordinary people will constantly exceed our expectationnsof their ability to play an active role in their health care”

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