Dr. Joe Cafazzo — neat stuff on biomedical design!

Posted on 25th October 2013 in design, health

Empathy by design:

  • he’s a biomedical engineer. 
  • thinks we’ve lost empathy in design of medical devices
  • reminds me of “Design of Everyday Things” — what are engineers thinking???
  • talks about device to calculate location of Taliban — batteries went dead! Defaults to current position when you change batteries — called in bomb strike on themselves! Official explanation blamed the soldiers, not the engineer!
  • example of the butterfly ballot that threw the election to Bush
  • home hemodialysis turned out to help a lot of people lead better lives.
  • Asks: “What else can patients do????”
  • talks about Bant app for diabetics — more than 10,000 active daily users!!  Allows them to do self-monitoring. Private social media app lets the kids interact with their friends. The kids can get bonus points for iTune redemptions if they perform self-monitoring!! New version in beta, with more features. Gamification — kids are very competitive. VERY COOL!
  • did another app for adults, significant increase in compliance, health improved.
  • 30 days for a better heart app — you’d get a daily challenge that you could choose whether to do or not — 6,000 people did the whole 30 days.
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