Innovations in Virtual Care: Engaging Consumers in their Health

Posted on 24th October 2013 in health

Presentations @ Center for Connected Health Symposium:

  • Michael McGarry, Ascension Health
    • directs their Innovations Accelerator Team.
    • how do we engage patients during 99% of time when they’re not getting care?
  • Eric Rock, CEO, Vivify Health
    • emphasis on connection and simplifiecation
  • Dr. Dmitri Talantov
    • he’s with Janssen Healthcare Innovation @ J & J
      • integrated care systems,
      • focus on orthopedic, cardio-vascular rehab
      • need strong incentives for providers to engage under new delivery systems
  • how do you engage consumers?
    • barriers: need is for high-risk patient who doesn’t understand the tech
    • new incentives in several states for daily reporting
    • may have population that doesn’t want to engage — want to sit on couch!
    • “restaurants probably have more impact on their condition than anything we can do”
    • “insane opportunity in keeping people healthy!”
  • how do you sell virtual care to providers?
    • “pay them!”
    • simplicity for them
    • can’t expect them to interrupt their routines for something new.
  • patients own their data">Stephenson blogs on Internet of Things Internet of Things strategy, breakthroughs and management