Qualcomm Life

Posted on 24th October 2013 in health

Qualcomm presented their Healthy Circles platform at the Connected Health Symposium.

  • connects all of providers after hospital discharge
  • before discharge, creates an account for the patient, which is used afterwards to coordinate care
  • very simple from patient standpoint: just plug in hub
  • works with variety of radios, even proprietary ones
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Live Blogging from Connected Health Symposium

Posted on 24th October 2013 in health
  • Tech4Life “Maternal Wristband”
    • remote monitoring of blood glucose, hemoglobin & blood pressure of pregnant women in developing world
    • like wristwatch
    • can foresee other applications

I was impressed with all of these devices, but especially with the congestive heart failure ones: economical ways to reduce hospitalization for this condition!

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Live blogging from Connected Health Symposium

Posted on 24th October 2013 in health
  • oops: didn’t get name of this presenter: it’s clothing with built-in sensors
    • takes photo of “stress events”
    • live ECG
    • team of smart textile experts from MIT
  • Nicoya Lifesciences
    • “personal health and wellness monitoring for digital age”
    • congestive heart failure patients must weigh selves daily
    • $20 billion for CHF, 60% could be avoided
    • Nicoya Heart Doc — measure BNP levels, then modify meds or behavior
    • nano-tech based sensor for less than $5 a test
    • tests immediately available on tablet. Data also includes trends.
    • Can pair with other devices for CHF management
    • Can track fatigue, breathing, swelling. Can automatically send data to doctor — almost real-time report on changes in conditions!
  • Perminova: system to prevent hospital readmissions for at-home heart failure patients
    • 5.6 million Americans sufferfrom CHF
    • there are a variety of advance warning systems before CHF
    • sell “Necklace” for $300 — patient wears 10-15 min a day, send wirelessly to cloud.
    • goal to integrate with home health providers
    • wow!
  • Veristride
    • to diagnose gait disorders & falls
    • instrumented insole, plus phone app, and server & analysis
  • RespiRight
    • “adherence and compliance mobile system for accountable self-care respiratory therapy”
    • games that improve respiration for post-operative, asthma sufferers and COPD
    • data stored on device & cloud
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Live blogging from Partners’ Connected Health Symposium

Posted on 24th October 2013 in health

I’m attending the annual Partners Health Connected Health Symposium in Boston. Will try to do running notes during the presentations!

  • first up is a series of demos on sensors, robots and devices!!
  • 10 of 20 entrants from a pool of  more than 300
  • Hstar Technologies: Robotic Nursing Assistant (RoNA). Lot of MIT background.
    • helps lift patients onto gurneys, including bariatric patients Also one for combat situations
    • can be remotely operated
    • modular platform, one of a family of units
    • RoNA SerBot — courier duty for delivering meds
  • InTouch Health — “end to end presence solutions” “acute care telemedicine system”  instant access for specialists when needed for consult. Cloud based. Robot automatically goes to patient’s bedside.
    • click to look at monitors or the patient
    • access to data in EHR: immediate access
  • Click here to read more.. »
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Optimizing care & ensuring “human touch” through robotics

Posted on 26th October 2012 in health, Internet of Things

(Liveblogging the Partners Center for Connected Health Symposium)

*GeriJoy virtual pet through a tablet. The patient cares for “Buddy,” avatar which helps deter dementia, “Buddy” is compassionate. Can actually provide human contact 24/7 through the avatar.

*Tom Ryden, co-founder of Vgo Communications, formerly @ iRobot.  Telepresence robot: “Skype on wheels.” In health care, use to replicate old-fashioned home visit. Pilot study with Boston Children’s. Kids became more engaged in their care  (like Jerry the diabetic Bear). People become attached to it, realize it represents the doctor. Kids will name it, dress it, tell them how school day went.

Timothy Bickmore, assoc. prof. @ Northeastern,. they try to use an avatar as part of tele-med project to promote habit change. “Project RAISE” — targets UV exposure and sedentary behavior. Simulates human-to-human exchanges to encourage behavior change.


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