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Apple HealthKit — Will It Bring About Patient-Doctor Paradigm Shift?

This is a companion piece to my last post, about the HomeKit Apple unveiled last week at the WWDC — complete with the same disclaimer: Having to send huge amounts of money to Loyola of Maryland for the next three years (I feel like I’m in the Weimar Republic and must carry tons of money to […]

New #IoT Health Paradigm: Partnership Between Doctor and Patient

With all the Internet of Things emphasis on making “dumb” things “smart,” we shouldn’t ignore how it will make all of us smarter as well.
Nowhere will that be as important as in healthcare, where I believe it will produce a dramatic paradigm shift in which patients will become empowered and will be full partners in […]

Innovations in Virtual Care: Engaging Consumers in their Health

Presentations @ Center for Connected Health Symposium:

Michael McGarry, Ascension Health

directs their Innovations Accelerator Team.
how do we engage patients during 99% of time when they’re not getting care?

Eric Rock, CEO, Vivify Health

emphasis on connection and simplifiecation

Dr. Dmitri Talantov

he’s with Janssen Healthcare Innovation @ J & J

integrated care systems,
focus on orthopedic, cardio-vascular rehab
need strong incentives for providers […]

Dr. Leslie Saxon — Digital Health

Presentation @ the Center for Connected Health Symposium:

“patients want to engage” — willing to share data
using body-worn sensors, to let student athletes determine when they’re in high-performance zone either in school or on field.
working with same sensors to study military resilience, which members of your team are “in the zone”
“Latitude Heart Coach” — trying to […]

Building a connected health ecosystem

(Liveblogging from Center for Connected Health Symposium)
*Halle Tecco, Rock Health non-profit @ intersection of health & technology, incubator.
*Amir Nashat, Polaris Ventures, 20-30% of investments in health care area
*Naomi Fried, in charge of encouraging innovation @ Boston Children’s. Working on telehealth
*Michael Balmouth, Edison Ventures. Looking for revenue-producing companies.
*Halle — they’ve physically located startups right in midst […]

Near-Field Communication in healthcare

Liveblogging @ Partners’ Center for Connected Health Symposium.
Panel on possible impact of Near-Field Communications for health care.
*BTW: why won’t Apple say whether they’re using NFC???
*areas it might affect include: identity, HIPAA compliance, cloud access to records, forms, insurance and copay, data integration, payment, and scripts.
*Objective Compliance Therapy Management (did I get that right?):  happening in […]

Optimizing care & ensuring “human touch” through robotics

(Liveblogging the Partners Center for Connected Health Symposium)
*GeriJoy virtual pet through a tablet. The patient cares for “Buddy,” avatar which helps deter dementia, “Buddy” is compassionate. Can actually provide human contact 24/7 through the avatar.
*Tom Ryden, co-founder of Vgo Communications, formerly @ iRobot.  Telepresence robot: “Skype on wheels.” In health care, use to replicate old-fashioned […]

10 demos of products that could make a difference

(Liveblogging from Center for Connected Health Symposium) Another panel of #IoT and other new devices that could be game-changers:
*MedMinder: to empower seniors & those with chronic conditions to avoid hospitalization. Another startup to increase medication compliance: they have increased compliance to 92% — watch out, Vitality, Inc. — they add sensors to a traditional pill […]

Esther Dyson

(Liveblogging from Center for Connected Health Symposium)  creating new market for medicine: health itself. Changing because of new devices for self-measuring, such as Fitbit and FuelBand. Quantification helping change habits: suddenly have a “craving for fitness.” Also have genetic info: she’s had her genome mapped through 23andWe.
Genomera: allows you to do research on yourself, set […]

Charles Duhigg: the Power of Habit

(Liveblogging @ Center for Connected Health Symposium) draws analogy between medicine and Starbucks:  cues and rewards now known to change habits. Starbucks sells experience, but problem is that workers haven’t had any work experience, were being rude.   Started to study research on how to sustain performance over time, build willpower. Learned that willpower could […]">Stephenson blogs on Internet of Things Internet of Things strategy, breakthroughs and management